Piney: The Lonesome Pine

Piney: The Lonesome Pine
Production Year
1 X 30

A cheerful and optimistic five-year-old Welsh girl named GEORGIE gets to grow her very own pine tree, PINEY, on her GRANDPA SID’S Christmas tree farm. Four years later, the day has finally arrived for Piney to become what he was planted to be. He’s ready to be dressed up in baubles and bows and have bright shining lights from his head to his toes. Excited to take Piney into her home, Georgie discovers that Piney has accidently been removed from the farm with a shipment of other trees.

Georgie’s best friend, JACKSTER the dog, leads Piney on a journey across the countryside to try to get back home before Christmas Eve, while Georgie and Grandpa Sid frantically search for them. We are taken along on Piney’s unexpected journey, witnessing his hopes and dreams, fears and disappointments. Upon reaching his final destination, it turns out to be more than he could have ever dreamed.