Murder in the Car Park

Murder in the Car Park
Production Year
1 X 68 2 X 47
A true crime drama-documentary by BAFTA-winning Director Bruce Goodison (Brinks Mat, Iranian Embassy Siege, Our War, Murdered by…). Grierson-Winning Producer Adam Wishart (White Widow, The Price of Life) and BAFTA-winning Exec Simon Ford (Rough Justice, Panorama, Secret Policeman) 

The most investigated murder in the history of the Metropolitan Police. This is a story that spans more than three decades and five failed investigations and journey’s through an underworld of police corruption and tabloid wrongdoing. This series questions the reasons behind WHY this brutal crime has never been solved? 

 In 1987, Britain’s most notorious and most investigated murder took place when Private Investigator Daniel Morgan was found murdered with an axe in his head in the car park of a London pub. 

The murder spawned countless metropolitan police investigations making it the most expensive and the most investigated unsolved murder in British criminal history. 

Revealing uncomfortable truths about relationships between police, tabloid journalists and private detectives, MURDER IN A CAR PARK features the leading characters involved ... the prime suspects and the detectives who investigated them.

Ultimately the contagion of the crime reached deep down into the UK’s most powerful institutions ... affecting some of the Britain’s most powerful institutions … 

Unmissable true crime docu-drama from one of the best creative teams in the UK, MURDER IN A CAR PARK tells of a crime that thirty years on still grips and mystifies in equal measure.