Molly and Mack

Molly and Mack
20 X 15’
Production Year

Every day is a Special Day

Each of the unusual objects in her little den remind MOLLY of a special day in her life with her big brother MACK and all her friends in the little community of Bridgetown.

MOLLY is 7 years old. Her big brother MACK is 18 years old. Her Dad, JAMES, is single and very busy at work. So, when school is over somebody needs to look after MOLLY and she knows who she’d like that person to be – her big brother MACK. MACK’s not so sure. 

MACK runs “Vintage Toys and Records” stall in the Big Hub, a large old Hall used by the whole Community of Bridgetown. He hasn’t got time to look after his little sister! But family always comes first and he reluctantly agrees to look after MOLLY. For MOLLY this is a wonderful opportunity to hang out with her brother. For MACK it’s a constant source of annoyance.

Or is it?