Milkshake! Adds MixMups and Its Blend Of Diverse Preschool Play

Milkshake! Adds MixMups and Its Blend Of Diverse Preschool Play

Channel 5′s Milkshake! will be the network home for MixMups, a preschool series created by– and featuring–people with disabilities.

A first for the network, the 52 x 10-minute stop-motion animated series was developed and is being produced with support from the UK’s Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF). It was commissioned by Milkshake! last year and is now moving into production with Manchester animators Mackinnon & Saunders with a target airdate of 2023.

Inspired by children’s love of mixing items and styles of play, the series aims to teach individuality, imagination, friendship, and flexible thinking. MixMups‘ three lead characters live with their friends and assistance pets in a wheelchair-accessible house. In each episode, characters Pockets, Giggle and Spin use their magical wooden spoon and mixing box to transport themselves on adventures and test their problem-solving skills.

The series was created by Rebecca Atkinson, founder of the #ToyLikeMe campaign which called for more diversity in kids industries. In a release, Atkinson said she is ecstatic the show is moving forward and that her dream has been to draw on her own experiences as a disabled person and create a show to which kids can relate.

MixMups is the latest YACF series to be added to Milkshake!’s preschool lineup. Other series to receive the greenlight with the help of the fund include Milo, Winnie & Wilbur and live- action series The World According to Grandpa.