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    Reggie Yates: Extreme South Africa
    It has been 20 years since the first free elections in South Africa, and in the shadow of Nelson Mandela’s death Reggie Yates gets up close and personal
    Reggie Yates: Extreme UK
    Reggie Yates: Extreme UK
    Duration: 1 x 60’
    REGGIE YATES: Hidden Australia
    In this episode Reggie Yates travels to Melbourne, to find out why Australia’s second city is facing such a dangerous epidemic of the drug known as Ice.
    1 x 60'
    Reggie Yates: Life and Death in Chicago
    The latest documentary for BBC Three from award-winning documentarian Reggie Yates is Sundog Pictures Reggie Yates: Life and Death in Chicago. Against the backdrop of unprecedented gun violence, Reggie Yates travels to Chicago to investigate gun crim
    Reggie Yates: Race Riots USA
    Shocking images of American police brutalizing and killing black people has left the world in disbelief.
    Reservoir Hill
    Reservoir Hill is a dark and edgy psychological thriller for a teen and family audience with an exciting and innovative new level of technology.
    Silent Odyssey
    As a Deaf child growing up in the 1950s, Gerry Hughes received little practical education
    Duration: FORMAT
    Something Special
    Offered to the International marketplace for the first time, Something Special is Cbeebies most successful live action format for pre-schoolers.
    Stetsons & Stilettos
    There's a country music phenomenon sweeping Ireland and it's showing no signs of slowing down.
    Sydney Sailboat
    Known as "Bubble Bath Bay" in Australia, "Sydney Sailboat" (52 x 11) is an animated CGI series which premiered earlier this year to huge audiences
    Duration: 10 x 30’
    Tasting Tasmania with Ben Milbourne
    Tasmania is Australia’s smallest island state lying 240 Kms south of the mainland – Ben Milbourne circumnavigates and explores this magnificent food paradise.
    25 x 15
    Teacup Travels Series 1
    "Teacup Travels" is an innovative, live-action series that fills a unique space in pre- school children’s television worldwide
    20 x 15’
    Teacup Travels Series 2
    Imagine if every time you went to see your Great Aunt on your way home from school she sent you off on an adventure back into the mists of time.
    Duration: 1 x 90’
    The Geordie Jazzman
    This charming and soulful film tells the story of Keith Crombie otherwise known as the “Geordie Jazz Man”.
    1 x 90 minutes
    The Seven Ages of Elvis
    Even after his death, Elvis lives on. He continues to be the highest selling individual artist ever. He had his fifty-third UK chart-topping album in 2016.
    1 x 30’
    We're Going on a Bear Hunt
    When five siblings set off on an unlikely adventure in search of a bear they come up against a host of unexpected obstacles.