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    Duration: S1 30 x 15’ – S2 30 x 15’
    Apple Tree House Series 1 & 2
    Apple Tree House is a new 60 x 15 minute scripted, live action and mixed media series aimed at the older pre-school audience.
    S2 30 x 15’
    Apple Tree House Series 2
    We return to the Apple Tree House estate where Mali, Sam and Bella continue to solve daily problems
    1 x 114’
    Filmed in Supermarionation
    A major new film on the works of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Filmed In Supermarionation is the definitive documentary about the culturally iconic puppetry and animation technique
    Launching in 2019!
    Mouse and Mole at Christmas Time
    Mouse and Mole decide to give a Twelfth Night Party. The landscape is covered in snow as they set off to deliver invitations to their friends
    Olive the Ostrich
    Olive the Ostrich is an animated TV series bringing to life real pictures drawn by children.
    8 x 24’
    Project Planet
    Inspiring, empowering and educational, Project Planet (Kids, 8 x 24’) is on a mission to save our planet, one school at a time.
    Duration: FORMAT
    Something Special
    Offered to the International marketplace for the first time, Something Special is Cbeebies most successful live action format for pre-schoolers.
    Sydney Sailboat
    Known as "Bubble Bath Bay" in Australia, "Sydney Sailboat" (52 x 11) is an animated CGI series which premiered earlier this year to huge audiences
    25 x 15
    Teacup Travels Series 1
    "Teacup Travels" is an innovative, live-action series that fills a unique space in pre- school children’s television worldwide
    20 x 15’
    Teacup Travels Series 2
    Imagine if every time you went to see your Great Aunt on your way home from school she sent you off on an adventure back into the mists of time.
    32 x 5’ + 4 x 30’ specials Format Available
    This Is Me
    Showcasing thirty-two extraordinary kids aged 9–16 in five-minute TV morsels. This is Me is a bite of Australian life shared candidly
    1 x 30’
    We're Going on a Bear Hunt
    When five siblings set off on an unlikely adventure in search of a bear they come up against a host of unexpected obstacles.