This Is Me


32 x 5’ + 4 x 30’ specials Format Available




HD, 4K


Air Pig Productions


Showcasing thirty-two extraordinary kids aged 9–16 in five-minute TV morsels. This is Me is a bite of Australian life shared candidly, each with a little drama, humour, adventure and energy or wonder and poeticism. What they all share is a deep connection to family, land and cultural history.

The kids have a variety of interests and passions, come from vastly different backgrounds and dream a diversity of dreams about their futures. There are environmentalists, artists and academics. There are cultural custodians, ommunity activists and sporting enthusiasts.

There are deep thinkers, passionate doers and committed makers. Best of all, each one of these young Australians is so proud of who they are, they wanted to share it with the world. This is Me is their stories, in their words, from their worlds