Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia


Duration: 8 x 30’






Red Creative Media


In this new series Luke embarks on a culinary exploration of street food throughout Saigon Vietnam, Bangkok Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Jakarta Indonesia.

Luke begins his Asian Street Food adventure in his family’s home city of Saigon, venturing into the hustle and bustle of market life looking for traditional street food. He then continues to explore and experience different street food vendors in Bangkok with one on every corner where we stumble across hidden stalls and characters who teach us how to cook traditional Thai desserts and the best Tom Yum soup.

Luke then heads to the multicultural Kuala Lumpur to catch up with friends who show him the variety of different Indian dishes and unearth different street foods at the central Jalan Imbi market. Finally we discover and explore Jakarta meeting up with old friends who unearth the delicacies of Chinatown before completing his journey in search of the best Nasi Goreng.