The Geordie Jazzman


Duration: 1 x 90’








This charming and soulful film tells the story of Keith Crombie otherwise known as the “Geordie Jazz Man”.   A mystery to many of his Jazz Cafe patrons for refusing to bow to the changing musical tides or even the ageing process, Crombie was a man who would refuse you entry into his eccentric jazz club on a whim … a hard man feared by men and loved by women. 

At the epicentre of a band of similar brothers, musicians, thespians, and alcoholics – the pride of Jazz from the 1950’s to the present day, Keith’s past included going to school with two of the Shadows, a brief career as a getaway driver, dealings with the Krays and choosing to book the Rolling Stones over the Beatles.   Eric Burdon, Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr and Prince Charles all feature in this celebration of a never say die, contrary spirit and of the Jazz movement itself.