Apple Tree House Series 1 & 2


Duration: S1 30 x 15’ – S2 30 x 15’


2017, 2018


Five Apple


Apple Tree House is a new 60 x 15 minute scripted, live action and mixed media series aimed at the older pre-school audience. Catering to a young child’s sense of fun, curiosity and adventure, the storytelling in Apple Tree House shares valuable life lessons in responsibility, kindness and being a good friend. The series celebrates diversity through its portrayal of a vibrant inner city estate that is bursting with life! It is a place where the whole audience will see people they know.

Join Mali, Sam and Bella as they experience life, have adventures, solve daily problems and overcome childhood dilemmas. Each episode brings an opportunity for them to have fun and discover something new about contemporary life, all within the safety net of their loving families and the inspirational, supportive community that surrounds them.