Teacup Travels Series 2

Creative Team

Plum Films


20 x 15’








Season Two 20 x 15 mins live action premiering on CBeebies November 2016

A fictional adventure series bringing history to life for 4-6 year olds. 

Imagine if every time you went to see your Great Aunt on your way home from school she sent you off on an adventure back into the mists of time. Imagine if you were so bold as to ask her age she’d tell you she was four thousand years old. So it is for Charlotte.

In season two she takes turns with her cousin Lokesh to visit Great Aunt Lizzie in her curious house full of treasures. All they have to do is choose from one of hundred mysterious painted cups and listen to Lizzie tell its tale, and wheels of time begin to turn backwards. But which cup will they choose? Each one is alike except for the strange picture on its side.

Sipping tea, they listen as Lizzie spins another yarn. Her words are so enchanting they can’t help imagining themselves long ago and far away. And as their imaginations take flight, the ancient world springs to life in storybook colours and Charlotte and Lokesh stride out into the world as it used to be. Following in Great Aunt Lizzie’s footsteps among the temples of Ancient Greece, the mountains of Edo Japan, the watery world of the Vikings and the forgotten cities of the Mayan Empire they run into hapless aristocrats, meditating monks, bumptious warriors and old retired hunters selling street food.

But can Great Aunt Lizzie really be four thousand years old? Who could dare disagree when wrapped into every single story is a real museum piece just waiting to be discovered.

Sit yourself down with cup of something good and join the next expedition.

Teacup Travels: Discovery through Adventure.