Reservoir Hill

Creative Team

KHF Media






Reservoir Hill is a dark and edgy psychological thriller for a teen and family audience with an exciting and innovative new level of technology. Commissioned by TVNZ New Zealand’s on-demand channel it has outperformed long running shows such as ER and Coronation Street on TVNZ’s On Demand Top Ten Chart and is the first ever series from New Zealand to win an International Emmy.

What sets Reservoir Hill apart is the level to which audience members can interact with the story’s lead character “Beth Connolly.” Viewers play the role of Beth’s friends and at the end of each episode can SMS Beth with text advice as to what decision she should make next. A remarkable new technology used bv the series Producers KHF Media, enables the viewer to see Beth read and act upon their messages seconds after they have sent them, effectively making them characters in the final scene of each episode and using them as a catalyst for plotlines.

Beth Connolly’s universe also consists of a Facebook page where Beth uploads a blog each week. The story grows organically and in real time due to the producers ability to write episodes using viewers comments from Facebook/Text no longer than 48 hours out from shooting.