Half Broken Things

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"...a piece of near perfect TV. Well-acted, well-directed, well-paced, well written, well-everything." ..."Tense, unsettling and utterly unpredictable at every turn, this is real treat."
Daily Mail
"Insidiously absorbing adaptation of the Morag Joss thriller."
The Guardian
"Brilliant, classy drama."
Daily Mirror

Facing imminent forced retirement, Jean, a house-sitter on her last job in a beautiful country house, begins to live in the place as if she owns it. When fate brings two strangers to the house – Michael, a small-time thief, and Steph, a pregnant girl on the run from her abusive boyfriend – Jean discovers the family she always wanted.

Together, Michael, Steph and Jean gradually take over the home and the lives of the owners of Walden Manor, creating an isolated, idyllic life for themselves. Although it’s a life based entirely on deception and delusion, as the summer progresses, they find a security, happiness and freedom they have never before experienced. But when the past catches up with them, and the threat of discovery looms, murder is the only solution.

As the possible consequences of their actions become apparent, and the net closes in, the tension in the house leads inexorably towards a harrowing but inevitable conclusion.