Mouse and Mole at Christmas Time

Creative Team

Mouse and Mole Ltd






Mouse and Mole decide to give a Twelfth Night Party. The landscape is covered in snow as they set off to deliver invitations to their friends: (optional Miss Hare, Rabbit, Hedgehog, Frog and Rat.) On their return, Mouse makes a “Snowmole” for Mole but when they go indoors, they find Shrew has invited herself and five baby shrews to stay over Christmas. Their friendship is severely tested by her disruptive presence. In a huff, Mole spends the night outside in his armchair. He dreams that Snowmole takes him to a land where a Wish Fish grants all his wishes, including The Magic Touch which will turn everything he touches into icing sugar. Mole wishes his friends could see him - but now his dream becomes a nightmare. When he greets them, they all turn into icing sugar! Mouse and Shrew rescue Mole as he sleepwalks towards the icy pond and he recovers just in time for their Twelfth Night party. When everyone has gone home, including Shrew and her babies, Mole shows Mouse the Snowmouse he has made to keep Snowmole company. Like Mouse and Mole, they will be the best of friends.